Video Parachute Supports Small Businesses

Our team here at Video Parachute has been assisting clients of all sizes around the world with video production, video editing, and more. We’ve worked for global clients for many years — but today we’re here to highlight our support for small businesses.

There are numerous reasons a small business can benefit from a high-quality marketing video. While you can be passionate about your business — that passion may not be easy to translate to your customers. Videos can be an effective medium to communicate your message, humanizing your business, and how your work impacts others.

We know that these are tough times for small businesses around the world. The COVID 19 pandemic, ensuing lockdowns, and the economic calamity that has befallen the world has hurt all businesses, especially small businesses. Over the past couple of months, we’ve worked tirelessly to support our clients’ needs, so they can continue to do what’s best for their business — support their own clients and customers.

As consumers of small businesses in this country, the big message is to continue being customers to these businesses. Continue to buy your favorite dish at the restaurant down the street and buy pet food from your favorite local pet store in town.

There’s another way you can help your favorite small businesses. Leave them a review on their preferred ratings and review website. Love your barber? Show him some love on Google Reviews. Are you a fan of a bar down the street? Review it on Yelp.

In addition to businesses that serve consumers, businesses that serve other businesses also need your help. If you love your favorite B2B service provider, like Video Parachute, review them on The Manifest.

The Manifest helps to connect businesses with buyers and highlights customer feedback by providing independently verified client reviews presented in a case study style format so that prospective businesses can feel confident in their next purchase.

In a recent review, the Director of Education for AADSM, praised the video we made for them.

“They were able to capture the intimacy and spirit of live demonstrations and trainings. Their editing skills are also superb. They’ve been able to create a lot of life and personality.” – Trisha Baga

We appreciate the valuable feedback we receive from clients because it helps us grow as a business. As a company, we want to offer the best solutions for our customers and think of unique ways to help them succeed.

We love supporting small businesses. If you want to see how we can support you and your business, please contact us today!

Video Parachute Supports Small Businesses