The Best Commercial of 2020

Our favorite commercial of last year was one for the very software with which we make commercials. Adobe has stepped up to the plate and proven itself a pillar of the creative realm. Debuting at the Oscars, this is a very flavorful toast to the creative industry and to future generations of creators. They made a 60-second collage video to celebrate all of those who have opened any of their apps. In the video, they paid homage to a few notable visual artists like Victoria Palov and Shepard Fairey while including over 1,000 other creatives.

The video was in the format of an adobe editing tutorial but provided a kaleidoscope of different pieces of artwork from the adobe creative community at large. This video was a great way to showcase multiple artists at once and went a step beyond, with their separate credits video. Both videos are equally important, not only in the creative world but directly to all creatives, novices, or experts. Especially since there’s a very wide range of creatives with more access to tools today than ever seen before. The colorful video should be seen as a plea to artists to continue to make unique work and be an inspiration for upcoming generations.

Adobe then used the platform of creation to reach out a helping hand towards younger generations with the added help of Teach For America. This partnership between the two offers younger generations the reinforcement of opportunities to have creation and art-making a centerpiece of their curriculum. If this sort of giving back continues to happen within the realm of art-making, we could be looking at a possible boom of creativity from kids who started learning early on. This has the potential to fundamentally shift how we create, view and interpret art and creation in the future

The video was being played along with the song Pure Imagination from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which proved to be a perfect example of what Adobe products have to offer. Pure imagination, for all of its users and all of the newcomers, was an excellent way to get their message out to all of the creative industry during the Academy Awards and say they’re here to stay. Adobe also wants to stay ahead of the curve of the ever-changing world we live in where the more inclusive the better. Their support along with Teach For America will help boost and reinforce the idea that everyone young or old should have the available tools to voice their view on their environment in a creative way.

Adobe hopes this partnership between the two will help solidify their place within creative’s minds as the organizations that put creative freedom at the forefront of their mission. The hashtag #Creativityforall which they decided to use as a foothold for their pledge to provide funding to teachers and students without access to creative programs will hopefully become a regular rally cry but for now, it’s just a statement for a future that can be inclusive. As most creatives know, funding in arts programs has been dwindling over the years and this partnership was a great outside force to prove their worthiness as a creative leader.

Although Adobe was provided the ad space at the Academy Awards to show off their program’s technical abilities and their creative community, the intention of giving back was pure. Hopefully, these intentions stay pure within the creative field to bring us all together to both work seamlessly together and, give back to those that come after us. Because where would we be without creative direction, different views on life, and creative freedom to express the world around us. Our world would be a lot less colorful where we never colored outside of the lines.

The Best Commercial of 2020