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With the rise of digital media, video podcast services have become increasingly popular. Whether you’re a professional podcaster looking to bring your podcast to Chicago or a business creating a video podcast series, Video Parachute has a variety of production services available. 

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Professional Video Podcast Editing

Video Parachute provides professional podcast editing services. Providing editing and producing your podcast, Video Parachute ensures that your podcast looks and sounds its best. We can provide audio and video production services, including audio editing, voice-over recording, and video editing. We also have the necessary equipment, software, and personnel to help you create a professional podcast.

Our editing services include:

  • Editing and mixing audio, as well as video editing
  • Audio compression and audio sweetening in our professional editing suite
  • Ensure that your podcast sounds professional and is of the highest quality.
  • These guys are fantastic to work with. I’d recommend them to anybody. They collaborate well with all our stakeholders, both internal and external. Video Parachute is a valuable and trusted part of our team. We’ve worked together many times.

    Tweed Thornton Executive Director, City Club of Chicago
  • First and foremost, the marketing video turned out great. Rob and David were very pleased with it at the tradeshow. The motion graphics worked really well.

    Chris Sullivan Vice President, Victory Management Group, Charlotte NC
  • The H&R Block convention video was a BIG HIT today!!! There will be a sequel next spring. Seriously, you guys did a great job.

    Richard Bumgarner Chief Creative Officer, HERO Marketing, SanFrancisco
  • Thank you for the quick turnaround in getting these videos completed. The owner loves them and they're a great asset for our sales team. Your work will be a key part of our web site — GREAT JOB!!

    Lauryn Toczylowski Director of Marketing, Windy City Wire
  • I'm so excited about these videos from the annual benefit. They will be really useful throughout the year. You're great to work with, and I will definitely work with you again soon.

    Maria Miranda Ramirez Manager of Individual Giving and Communications, Changing Worlds nfp
  • Video Parachute is a dream vendor. They came on to our project at the 11th hour, and did not BLINK in jumping in, organizing an efficient and speedy flow of pre-event content, managing the on-site logistics seamlessly, and coordinating the edit with thoughtful, creative insights. Every step of the way they understood what we were going for. And they did all this for a price that fit our budget.

    Alicia Senior-Saywell Project Coordinator, Marj Halperin Consulting
  • Thanks very much for pulling this off so quickly. The footage looks excellent. We love the view of snowy Chicago in the background, really brilliant!

    Frenske van den Dries Marketing & Business Development Advisor, PwC - Nederlands
  • The video looks great, super work. Thanks for putting this together on such short notice. I'll recommend you to our Chicago team for their videos in the future.

    Kenneth Jameson Project Leader, Boston Consulting Group
  • Thank you SO MUCH for helping us get our video and presentation together. It looks great and we really appreciate your indulgence and extra effort. Your team is awesome!!

    Barbara Maloof Public Information Officer, Cook County Bureau of Economic Development
  • Thanks for all your work on our marketing video. I really appreciate all your proactive attention to detail with the product features. Our senior management team was very pleased, and we plan to make more to continue this series of videos. Great job, and thanks again.

    Tom Tyson Dealer Marketing, FP Mailing Solutions

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