3 Ways to Create Videos That Viewers Want to Watch

Filming a video for your business is only worthwhile if the content in your video meets the needs or interests of your viewers. Before rushing to film your next company profile, product profile or piece of web content, consider the following three tips to determine what will make people click “play” instead of “back.”

Your video should clearly answer a question that your viewer has

Your ideal viewer is probably watching your video to get quick and clear answers to questions they may have, whether they are researching your company (“what does your company do?”) or are consulting with a search engine to answer a question (“how do I pick a reputable video production company?”).

The purpose of your video should be aligned with a question that your viewer likely has. Answer that question, and you’ll have already delivered something of value to your viewer.

Make your video short

For most business videos, short is better than long.

By keeping videos short, viewers will have less of an opportunity to be distracted during the video and will be less inclined to skip the video completely (because who has time to sit through a 15 minute video?).

Feel like you have a lot of content to include in your video? Instead of creating one lengthy video, consider breaking your content up into a group of smaller videos. This is great trick for converting visitors on your website: the quicker a visitor finds the information they need, the quicker they can move on to purchasing products or contacting you for more information about your business.

Make your video easy to find

The videos that people want to watch are the ones that are not difficult to find. If you are hosting your video on a site like YouTube, don’t forget to put the video title and description to best use: make sure your copy would allow your video to appear in the results for searches that are related to your video.

If your company sells clothing, don’t just include your company name in your company profile video title or video description. Make sure “clothing store” or “clothing retailer” are included – otherwise, you’ll have a difficult time attracting viewers who don’t already know your company

3 Ways to Create Videos That Viewers Want to Watch