Samsung Is A Hot Mess. Can Video Be the Fire Extinguisher They Need?

This video from Stephen Colbert is hilarious, unless you are a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 customer. In that case, it’s not so amusing because you probably have burn scars and insurance claims to file. And if you’re Samsung marketing department, have another handful of TUMS.

Samsung needs to extinguish this and video is a part of that.

adminSamsung Is A Hot Mess. Can Video Be the Fire Extinguisher They Need?
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On-the-Go Video: Using Vertical Video to Engage Mobile Users

Welcome to the age of mobile video. Well, a newer age.  While mobile video has been around for some time now, Snapchat’s discovery buttons have opened up companies to vertical video content like never before. Snapchat’s increasing popularity and style has companies itching to tap into their large user base and vertical video is allowing them to do just that. 

adminOn-the-Go Video: Using Vertical Video to Engage Mobile Users
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High Jump

The endless debates surrounding Chicago’s educational institutions have taken the grand stand in Chicago politics. It can be a disheartening landscape. Video Parachute was happy to help draw attention to a program that is a positive light, taking action to really make change for Chicago’s youth: High Jump.

adminHigh Jump
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15 Seconds Goes a Long Way

The videos done. Now let’s get it to as many eyes as possible.
According to, Instagram had reach 300 million monthly active users as of December 2014. That’s 600 million eyeballs that your video could be missing out on.

T.W.15 Seconds Goes a Long Way
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The Personality Test: Does Your Video Have It?

The best lighting, sound quality and direction can’t save a video that is dull and unengaging (as much as we wish it could).

The truth is that your video must connect with your audience in order for it to make an impact. Even if your brand or company isn’t perceived as interesting or exciting, it doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal, engaging element into your videos.

T.W.The Personality Test: Does Your Video Have It?
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Videos in Emails Shouldn’t be Embedded. Here’s Why.

Email marketing is a tricky tactic to get right. How many emails can you send without annoying your email list? What subject lines make them want to open an email? How can you get them to not only read an email, but click through to your website?

One popular way to inspire your recipients to do all of the above is to include video. According to eMarketer, one survey found that “respondents who had used videos in their email campaigns saw real returns on their investments. Fifty-five percent reported higher click through rates, 44% saw an increase in the amount of time subscribers spent with an email, and 41% reported an increase in the sharing or forwarding of emails.”

However, in order to get clicks that matter, you need to be strategic in how you attach your video to your email. While many marketers are enticed by the option of embedding videos, there are two reasons why doing so could be detrimental to your click through rate.

1. Embedded Videos Don’t Work For Everyone 

If you want to embed video so recipients can watch without leaving your email, we encourage you to resist the temptation: while some mail clients support embedded videos, many – including Gmail and Outlook – do not. We don’t recommend embedding videos because of the inconsistent experience your recipients will have.

2. Embedded Videos Won’t Bring Viewers To Your Site

You’re sending your email for a reason: there’s a good chance that reason is to lure recipients to your website. What happens when an email recipient has the ability watch an embedded email in their mail client? They’ll click play, watch the video, and then delete your email. While the convenience of watching the video without needing to go to a new page is great for the viewer (if their mail service supports embedded videos), it doesn’t support the goal of driving traffic.

So how can you get your recipients to watch your video AND visit your website?

Include a still from your video in the email that entices readers to click. Choose the screenshot carefully – the moment you choose to highlight can play a big role in the chances of someone clicking to watch. The video still can direct them to a landing page on your website that hosts the video – allowing them to watch the video and then easily check out the rest of your website when they are finished. As an added bonus, including the video on your website can support your SEO efforts, thanks to increased click-through rates, lower bounce rates and a higher likelihood of sharing.


T.W.Videos in Emails Shouldn’t be Embedded. Here’s Why.
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8 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Video Marketing

The sheer power of online video marketing is well known. Unfortunately, many marketers and other savvy professionals know that it can be difficult to convince the powers that be that video is an incredibly worthwhile investment that deserves to be considered when budgets are created.

T.W.8 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Video Marketing
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3 Ways to Create Videos That Viewers Want to Watch

Filming a video for your business is only worthwhile if the content in your video meets the needs or interests of your viewers. Before rushing to film your next company profile, product profile or piece of web content, consider the following three tips to determine what will make people click “play” instead of “back.”

T.W.3 Ways to Create Videos That Viewers Want to Watch
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